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Safed Inn
Zefat, Israel

great place ... I totally enjoy staying at Safed Inn. It is on an large piece of land, which is very comfortable to be in. Feels like in the country, yet ...

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Ashe House
Elat, Israel

A hostel and co-living community....

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Beautiful Stylish Lft in Tel Aviv Centre
Tel Aviv, Israel

If you like staying in the trendy part of TLV city centre then you just found the perfect place to live in and enjoy great transport, the city center...

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Make cheap reservations at a hotel like Fauzi Azar Inn
In Nazareth Israel

Fauzi Azar Inn
$23.00 per person

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Make cheap reservations at a hotel like Safed Inn
In Zefat Israel

Safed Inn
$29.00 per night

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