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Tel Aviv

$25.00 person per night

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guesthouse and hotel

Gordon Inn, hotels for vacationing in summer 6 photos

Tel Aviv

ILS 120.00 room per night


Short terms private rooms for rent

Benyehuda54 12 photos

Tel Aviv

$81.00 room per night

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Excellent location minutes from the beach

Hotel Ophir 12 photos

Tel Aviv

$110.00 apartment per night


If you like staying in the trendy part of TLV city centre then you just found the perfect place to live in and enjoy great transport, the city center, art and culture, parks, Cafes, Wine bars, Bars & Clubs

Beautiful Stylish Lft in Tel Aviv Centre 13 photos

Tel Aviv

$120.00 room per night


sailor houseboat is an amazing yacht that ancors in the beautiful jaffa port

Sailor Houseboat 5 photos

Tel Aviv

$125.00 room per night

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in the heart of the city, by the sea shore, homley business hotel

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Tel Aviv

$192.00 rental per night

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Vacation rental

A 5 minute walk to the beach, the best restaurants, cafes, pubs and nightlife.

Dizengoff Beach Apartments 17 photos

Tel Aviv

$45.00 room per night

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Our boutique guest house is located in a beautiful, quiet, and safe street in the historic Yemenite quarter, close to the downtown area and the beach, offering a rich variety of day and night-time activities.

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